Intermittent Fasting May Help You Live Longer, Says Study

The fitness world has been talking about intermittent fasting for quite a while now. There have been various opinions on whether this process is actually good for health, despite the success stories of weight loss. Now, a recently published study suggests that intermittent fasting might help you live longer. This study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the benefits of intermittent fasting include lower blood pressure, weight loss and overall longevity of life. People have been following intermittent fasting, where you eat in a 6-hour window and fast for the rest of the time, for weight loss.

This study has reviewed the different types of fasting methods for their pros and cons, and the inference will be helping physicians in choosing the right type for their patients. In particular, the research team considered two types of intermittent fasting: 5:2 intermittent and time-restricting feeding that is scheduled daily. In the first, the person would be fasting for two days per week, with the maximum intake set at 500 calories. In the second one, however, the person would have a six-hour fasting window and a fasting period of 16-18 hours in total.

There are, however, certain issues due to which intermittent fasting cannot be prescribed to most people. In the United States and many other places, people have grown accustomed to the three-times-a-day system for meals. Getting them out of this is a tough decision and a quick shift to any of the fasting methods above may have impacts on their body. The cultural significance of the three-meal system also makes it very tough for people to get consistent with intermittent fasting. However, the study as such points out the noticeable benefits of the fasting process and why one may want to choose it if they are willing to take some effort.

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