NASA scientists release a new video on Solar Wind, which is alarming to humankind!

Have you ever imagined about the Sun being hit by storms that can affect our planet? NASA’s scientists have recently found how the Sun’s wind can affect our earth, and the video released explains a lot about this recent study regarding the solar wind. The discoveries have worried a lot of scientists because the development shows how the Parker Solar Probe has started coming closer to the Sun. It has never been observed before being attempted by any other spacecraft in the past. While most of us are being ignorant about this development, this video released by NASA is quite alarming.

The video released on November 24th, 2019, explains in detail the phenomenon. It also speaks about why we should care about this process. The video clearly shows how the stream of particles initiates the solar wind right from the Sun’s inner atmosphere and travels out beyond our solar system. Generally, the solar wind would be sent outwards by the earthly skywatchers once they get intimated about it. At times, the solar wind would be mighty; it can extend down to the lower latitudes. The early skywatchers are also known to send geomagnetic storms too. These storms, when seen from the high latitudes, are beautiful.

Well, one must also know that a strong shield is securing our planet; a blanket found in the atmosphere guards us against the intense solar winds. At times, one must have noticed a lot of issues with their mobile phones, and the solar wind could be one of the major problems causing this problem. The solar storms generally create a disturbance in the orbiting satellite, and this can also lead to the failure of power grids as well. Apart from all these blackouts and sudden power and signal cut-offs, they also are very harmful to the astronauts as well. When wind travels at a million miles (1.4 km) per hour, do you think it can be any less disruptive?

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