Surescripts upping its battle against Amazon PillPack by taking the matter to FBI

Surescripts is accusing Amazon-owned PillPack of accessing patients’ prescription information through third party. Surescripts is taking the matter to the FBI. This move could create a barrier for Amazon to enter the prescription drug market. Amazon entered the prescription drug market in 2018 by acquiring PillPack, an online pharmacy company. Now, Amazon is battling with one of the largest company in the industry. ExpressScripts and CVS own Surescripts and manages around 80% of total U.S. prescriptions. The company is so dominant in the market that, Federal Trade Commission sued it in April, claiming an illegitimate monopoly in e-prescription markets.

The battle is the newest in a series of disputes among Amazon and large pharmacy companies. At the beginning of this year, CVS sued a former employee for taking a job in PillPack and blocked him from working at PillPack for 18 months. The argument centers on the way of PillPack to get information about customers’ prescriptions, so it can deliver them automatically once users sign up, instead of entering each prescription. PillPack gets information regarding customer prescriptions from Surescripts after entering into with ReMy Health. In July, after CNBC’s report, Amazon suspected that ReMy cutting PillPack off from data and Surescripts is behind the move. According to Surescripts, ReMy is providing prescription information to PillPack, which they are getting for health-care providers. Surescripts is also alleging that PillPack was using National Provider Identifiers (NPIs), which was authorized to health-care providers. PillPack notes the requests for patient information.

Surescripts specified that they are still examining the scope of fraudulent activities, but to protect their data, they are taking immediate steps. On all of the claims of Surescripts, PillPack responded that it needs to check patient’s medication histories for issues regarding drug interactions, and customers are authorizing them to evaluate their private data. According to the spokesperson, the main question in this dispute is whether Surescripts will permit customers to share their history of medication with pharmacies.

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