The Cyber Track May Be a Game-Changer for Tesla Indicates the Trends

After a prolonged wait and several online leaks, Tesla eventually unveiled the Cybertruck ahead of the LA car show. The futuristic-looking electric truck managed to make headlines, and it has got a mixed review. Despite the critics questioning its viability and safety in real-life situations, it seems the Cybertruck will manage to woo the buyers and may lead to the creation of a new segment as well. Since its dramatic reveal, the company has reportedly received pre-orders for a quarter-million units- much ahead of its commercial production. While reserving a model requires shelling out $100, the final unit price may vary from $39,900 to $69,900, based on ultimate configuration.

There is no denying the Cyber truck is a category redefining vehicle- in many ways. The industry experts feel it may eventually turn out to be more popular than the existing EVs manufactured and sold by Tesla. The exciting thing is the vehicle is becoming popular in regions where EV penetration is not high. So far, people equate EVs with typical urban cars- given the fact the required setup and charging points are located mostly in the urban regions. Till now, the majority of EVs sold are either sedans or crossovers, and Tesla makes most of them. The Cyber truck has the potential to break that stereotype, and its adoption may flourish outside urban limits.

The early cyber truck pre-order data analysis shows the model is breaking ground in areas where Tesla could not get much traction so far. This is encouraging for the company even though it’s early to predict the outcome. California, which is the most significant US EV market, has the most substantial Cybertruck pre-orders volume. In regions like Maine, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Idaho, the pre-orders are going up. While the Model 3 reservations still outnumber those for the Cybertruck, the spread in the geographical region for the pre-orders is undoubtedly encouraging for Tesla. With the Cybertruck, the company may make a foray into regions where EV adoption was low.

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