The stubborn and nonsensical myth on Internet platforms has become neutral

An irrational and senseless myth is repeating continuously by some political and news sources about the technology law. This myth is a concern with the provision of the 1996 Communication Decency Act, which is also known as CDA 230 or Section 230. These sources state that according to technology laws sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. should be politically neutral. However, the CDA 230 act is not about neutrality. Actually, it clearly encourages the platforms to remove or manage the “offensive” contents posted by the user. Most importantly, this will help users and platforms operators to choose between free-for-all sites and tamer fare sites.

In addition, the law keeps safe intermediaries. It starts from Internet access providers to various popular platforms such as Reddit or YouTube, from getting sued for some contents that were posted by their users. However, the call for neutrality is not a big surprise. It also differentiates from genuine and sincere anxieties that whether major platforms. It is also known as “modern public square” by Supreme Court, unethically make certain speakers speechless due to political biases. Internet users and groups including Muslim rights activists, Black Lives Matter, as well as certain human rights groups across the world have raised similar concerns.

Furthermore, neutrality is not the law explains about, because no one would like the results. In fact, “Neutral moderation” requirements, that would probably be enforced by a big regulatory agency such as the Federal Communications Commission, would certainly violate the First Amendment. Therefore, in order to enforce these types of law, the government should set new rules for everyday Internet users’ lawful speech. However, it will be hard for anyone being happy with this new arrangement. But the risk associated with this may be useful in alarming companies to change their content policies. Also, none of the above means that people concerned about platform power are wrong and platforms cannot be operated. Additionally, replacing CDA 230 with new rules about neutrality is not a way forward.

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